TWD vs TE5 Promotional match
8:00 PM Fri 2nd May 2014 (GMT/UTC -6.0)
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TWD vs TE5

Promotional Match

Big promotional match to fire up the gaming community and let them know there are clans playing.

This will be broadcast and shout cast by ScumbagWally with Levelbf, plus multiple live feeds.

If we do not have the full 32, we will be joined by the CUT clan to fill the empty spots.

This is a huge deal, attend if you can.

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23rd Apr 2014
I will be there. Team 2...let's step up and do this.
23rd Apr 2014
I will be leaching off of Dead or Reel for this im putting in my request for Steak, shrimp and beer..!
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22nd Apr 2014
i should be there no prob
22nd Apr 2014
Wouldn't miss this ever haha!