Levelbf Defuse Tournament
3:00 PM Sat 7th Jun 2014 (GMT/UTC -6.0)
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Level Gaming along with the Xbox One Team Omega, is proud to announce another foray into the Xbox One Competitive Battlefield 4 scene with a One Thousand Dollar ($1,000) Winner Take All 5v5 Defuse/Domination Tournament!

Prior to this tournament we shall be hosting a series of smaller events to be used as a primer to engage you the viewer and possible participant in the upcoming action! Our schedule (listed below) consists of All-Star matchup, Free Agency matches, community exhibition games, and other to be announced smaller events before we launch our 5v5 Tournament in June!

Private servers have been released, therefore we will implement 5v5 domination to the mix to allow for a Domination, Defuse, Domination type of rotation. Check back for the updated rules regarding Domination.

Here is the upcoming schedule which shall be casted and streamed courtesy of Level Gaming and it’s sponsors!

(Tentative Dates)

May 4th - 4pm EST Exhibition Match
TE5 (The Elite Five) vs xA (Ex Agency) - Our first grudge between two teams with a long history of decimating one another in larger scenes, such as conquest large and Domination, will fight to see who has the best 5 in Defuse.

OMEGA (Carbon) Vs AoX (iCoNiC) or Summit/Pyro Exhibition Match - Two of the top competitive teams, both with complex histories and grudges to duke it out for our enjoyment. Name changes aside, these two teams battle each other daily for the top spot in the current 5v5 landscape.

May 10th - 5PM EST Three Team Round Robin Event
3-Team Round Robin - With Invited Teams such as One Nation (1N), AV, Summit (sM), TWD, Verta, and the possibility of more!

May 17th - 4PM EST All Star Event
All Star match, featuring players from all angles, competitive conquest, domination, and defuse! Ten Teams get selected to nominate a player to participate in a 5v5 All-Star Event hosted and casted by Level Gaming.

May 24th - 5PM EST Four Team Domination Match 10v10
4 Team Domination Match , DE, SLP, TWD, as examples, 4 selected teams will form two separate ten man rosters to battle over a series of Domination games, three in total to be streamed and casted by Level.

June 1st - 4PM EST Voted Match
Voted Match - Voted by the community, could be anything from a 5v5 Rockets or Snipers Only, Casters Leading Teams, 10v10 Dom with insane rules, or just a standard grudge match between two teams that have a score to settle.

Omega’s Tournament Predictions from Omega Team Captain Biologic - https://www.youtube.com/user/ItzBiologic [youtube.com]

June 7th-8th - 3PM EST One Thousand Dollar ($1000) Event
The Battlefield Tournament - The day of our event, could be separated into two days depending on how many teams enter or the speed of the event. Considering our last 32 team tournament that lasted one day for around five hours, we are confident to see this event succeed in the time allotted.

Level Gaming Wants You

We want a successful console competitive scene, and while we are limited by not having private servers, we believe this game and it’s competitive console

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