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New Generals Selected!
RT l DEADEYE l 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 31st Aug 2012

You read it right, it says "Generals". We have tallied the votes and selected 2 members to move up to General.

It gives me great honor and pride to welcome these 2 members to the rank of General. They have stepped up to the challenge and earned the respect of the entire clan. This is no easy feet, it takes a patience and calm demeanor to lead an entire team to victory. It also takes a strong set of shoulders to bear a loss.

The General position is a hard one, as you are criticized more and praised less. But the rank is the most important rank in the clan. The General is the leader of the team and it is their sole responsibility to take control of the situation and LEAD the team to victory.

Only a Team Leader knows the true feeling of a victory at his hands, at the same time, only a Team Leader knows the feeling of defeat under his command.

I think the clan made a good decision, so without further delay, I give you your new Generals.

Give it up for:




Make us proud.....

Now, I would like to give mad props to the other members of High Command that stepped up to the challenge. These members did a great job leading and will continue to do so as they have proven themselves valuable in the leader role.

Good job guys.

31st Aug 2012 TWD CynicalPnut
Congratulations Crazy and Major.
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