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RT l DEADEYE l 4 Comments · Likes · Like · 5th Mar 2014

Many of you know TWD Pandamonium, but alot of you really don't know Panda's story. This member is a shining example of dedication and loyalty. When Pandas first came around TWD, it was in the midst of a war between TWD and TE5. There was alot of speculation and shady events surrounding this battle and as a precaution, TWD distanced their selves from Panda and some other new guys.

Pandas sat on the sidelines and watch us defeat TE5, not only did he just sit on the sidelines but he was pretty much shunned by the clan for a short period for no other reason than we didn't know him that well. After the TE5 deal, Pandas stayed strong and played with TWD every night as a random for months.

He was then brought into TWD as a prospect, there were some issues that needed to be hammered out and Pandas had some bumps in the road. Along the way Pandas contributed more tactical information than I can recall, from trap setting, to damage points on tanks. He did hours of research and got little recognition for his work because of the few bumps he had.

This did not discourage this bear, he just kept trucking on and following TWD with a full heart. As the time passed we started to see Pandas dedication and value. We were able to return the favor when TWD destroyed another clan that was disrespecting Pandas, we got his back when he needed and the ETW episode was born.

Pandas has established his self as a key member in this clan, he has stepped up when asked and took all discipline with an open mind. This is why he is in High Command and this is why I personally am proud to have him in the clan and more importantly as a friend.

Way to hang in there Pandas! I hope we have treated you with the respect you deserve, not many members had as hard of a road as you did. 

5th Mar 2014 Hardcore Ashy
Good job my friend as panda knows I love him to bits and I see him as a very good friend it a pleasure knowing him and im glad he is part of TWD.
5th Mar 2014 [TWDL] FreeMasonKnight
Damn those were some shaky and awesome times. I am happy you stuck around Panda!
5th Mar 2014 TWD Bravo14
Hell yea panda
5th Mar 2014 The Flank King
Gosh so many memories man.. its been a long road and i dont have any regrets and will continue to support TWD with all i have.
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