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Congratulations FreeMasonKnight!
TWD CynicalPnut 7 Comments · Likes · Like · 7th Mar 2014

It's that time again where one of our members can proudly shout like the noob from battlefield friends. Mason has been with us from the earlier days of the clan when we were fighting it out with TE5 and handing them a major smack-down and has proved himself many times over, whether it was running practices, leading squads during clan battles and scrimmages, or just helping out the new guys who were clueless.

 Mason is one of the members that is a shining example of what TWD stands for. When its time to have fun he has fun, but the second something needs to be done he gets his ass to work and makes sure that those who aren't doing the right thing do what they need to be doing, but this isn't how he got to the position he's in now. To continue ranking up in this clan, you need to prove how dedicated you are to this clan and how eager you are to follow our instructions and learn the way TWD handles the situation. Mason has stuck to the rules of TWD and shown us how eager he was to learn and improve our tactics. When he came to us he was like all of you, a Prospect.  He has worked hard to get to the position he's now in and his example should be followed by everyone wishing to be a part of the TWD community. 

Mason welcome to the upper echelons of HC.

We salute you.

8th Mar 2014 [TWDC] tw3nty1guns
8th Mar 2014 [TWDS] Mosquito
Good job Mason.
Thanks for all the hard work towards TWD and team 2
8th Mar 2014 RT l DEADEYE l
True story, I would also like to add Mason's extreme level of calmness observed in intense situations, not to mention the countless task he has performed on behalf of the clan and the website.
7th Mar 2014 UserKevinFlynn
7th Mar 2014 Hardcore Ashy
Congratulations bro
7th Mar 2014 [TWDL] FreeMasonKnight
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