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[TWDL] TWD Waldo18B 5 Comments · Likes · Like · 30th Sep 2014

So I am sure that everyone has seen that Destiny has been released for a few weeks now and it has absorbed some time from our members, myself being one of them. Prior to its release I was in a military class as well as doing college at the same time so it was a bit hectic and I had to take a step away from gaming and as soon as my classes were ending this game came out.

Others from the clan have also been investing a little more time into this game as well and we all really enjoy it. I spoke with Deadeye and we realize that Battlefield is not the end all be all of games and it will fall off at some point. However, here we have all built a community of players which started with Battlefield 3 and has come this far. We would like to see it all stick together and remain a clan that keeps tactics and strategy as a part of our baseline as players. After all that is what enticed most of you to join TWD in the first place, am I right?

I am here to announce to everyone that I have started TWD on Destiny and I will be starting a Forum for everyone that plays. I have a wechat set up already so if you would like to join that as well let me know. I will post a link to the clan page so all that play can join easily as I know that the website is a little confusing. Now this will not trump Battlefield 4, however, during this slow period I would like to keep the TWD name alive and continue to work as a team with you guys, and this is a great game to do so.

If you would like to join and carry the clan name the link is below. We need a specific amount (I think at least 3) to sign up in order for it to be official. It is easy to sign up on the site, you can just link it to your live account and then ask to join the clan.
If you have any further question feel free to send them my way. 

If the link doesn't work just let me know.

GEN Waldo 

2nd Oct 2014 TWDTactAssassin
I requested to join
30th Sep 2014 vxFReAKxv (Banned)
I signed up
30th Sep 2014 [TWDL] TWD Waldo18B
I think there may be an extra step in order to be recognized as a clan mate as well. It is set up really stupid but the request is for the group and then you have to set it up as your clan.
30th Sep 2014 [TWDL] ACrazyNDN
i signed up...........
30th Sep 2014 [TWDL] ACrazyNDN
Okay. cool.
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