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TWD Announcements
Hardcore Ashy 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 4th Oct 2014

Hi Ya guys i have a few Announcements To make, After another month and a another meeting we have decided to bring back MoM (Member of the Moment) we haven't had one for a while and the last person to have it was TWD BlackBlade for  #1 T10 Upload back in April. So you ask what is MoM? Its an award we post on the website that shows other members that you have been Nominated by all Leaders and HC for the hard work you put into TWD but it could also be awarded for other things such as and these are only examples best recruiter, T10 uploads, Best Clan support and much much more.....

Website Activity

Now i don't want sound like a broken record you have heard myself and other HC and Leaders keep going on about it but or website Activity has been Really bad as of late and i can't keep telling you how important it is to get on here and keep it active its not just for us it to help us Gain and keep or sponsors to keep the Clan going, now a few members have prove to me lately that they are not coming on the website getting the information we post because if im still getting asked when is practice that just proves my point all that information should be on your platoon pages or in the forums. From today as this posts goes up we are going to stop giving this kind of information in the WeChats if you want to know anything Clan Related goto the website because i bet that information is on here and if its not go into our forums and make a post and im so sure one of us will get back to you ASAP.


I posted this in the WeChat a couple of days ago and i realized when i posted it, it should of really went on the website so i slapped myself on the hand for that so once again i like to Congratulate Stealthyjake V2 on his promotion to VET he as worked hard for it and should keep up the good work.

Welcome Back

I like to Also Welcome Back TWDxM1K3WZOSK1 Not all of you know him but to the people that do we glad to have you back.
This is to the Newer members and some of the VETS Mike is HC so i'm asking please give him the respect you give us other HC and Leaders you can learn a lot from him and he a great trainer he taught myself everything i know.

Team Nights and Practice

Right The Last Subject on the list is Team Nights and Practice. As most of you know it has been quiet as of late on BF4 everyone is Playing on different games and the competitive season has ended  for a while but that does not mean we have stop training to get better so we ask as HC and Leaders could you please attend one of you practices a week and turn upto team nights which run on a Friday and Sunday im sure its not that hard to change games just for a few hours on these nights. We understand that everyone likes playing new games i do myself but i still turn up to practices and team nights. I know also some of you are butthurt how the game plays but since the patch in september the game has been playing really well it plays like a different game now and don't just take my word for it ask other members that play it. Myself and other HC member are trying to set some scrim in the next few weeks so keep an eye on the website for the details.

Thanks Peeps for Reading and hopefully  we will see you on the battlefield soon

9th Oct 2014 TWDTactAssassin
I agree with fearless. I had to take a break from Battlefield, it was getting harder and harder to enjoy it but everyone seems to think that it's a lot better from the patch. Once I get my headset and can talk to people again, I will be sure to jump back on and be much more active.
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