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Party Time!
RT l DEADEYE l 8 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th Nov 2014

TWD Online Party! GTA

It's that time of year again.......

For those of you that don't know or have missed it in the past. TWD holds at least one online party a year to cut loose and have a shit ton of fun. We normally carry these parties out in a Battlefield server, this year we are taking to the streets with GTA V online. We will not play any Rockstar sanctioned missions or jobs, we are all going to mob into a server and let the carnage begin.

As we do every year this party will not be without some mini games and drinking games to be announced at a later date. Heavy drinking/smoking is encouraged, and will be aided by drinking stipulations that will also be announced at a later date.

We may even include a challenge or two for our inebriated members, for example: Robbing every store on the map.... sounds easy enough right? Well not so fast, this challenge will require the member/members (limit 2 per challenge) to chug a beer before they can move to the next store. There are 19 stores to rob, you best bring a buddy, it will be one beer per store, that is still 8 beers a peace.... can you hack it?

Then when everyone is slurring and wrecking, we will jump into some Drunk Racing.

I personally am super excited to cut loose and go ham until the cows come home. Keep an eye on the site for further details including: 

Drinking Games




25th Jan 2015 MilkyCannon1
Hey this is MilkyCannon1 I am a new member to TWD and very glad I can join the team. I am very good at battlefield 4 and gta. I play advanced warfare on the side but I am sponsored by jack Lynks beef jerkey for battlefield
2nd Dec 2014 [TWDW] Major XoC
26th Nov 2014 Hardcore Ashy
Yeah so can't wait
25th Nov 2014 [TWDS] Mosquito
My liver will hate me but in down
25th Nov 2014 [TWDL] ACrazyNDN
Like (1) · Comments (0)
25th Nov 2014 RT F3ARL3SS
I am down for that!
25th Nov 2014 [TWDL] FreeMasonKnight
25th Nov 2014 [TWDW] TWD Commando
I am ready that sounds fun
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