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TWD and Battlefield Hardline
RT l DEADEYE l 12 Comments · Likes · Like · 27th Jan 2015

Gearing Up!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am stoked about Hardline. There are gonna be some new modes that are conducive to our teamwork and will give us an edge on the competition.

That being said, all members need to be gearing up and getting ready to slide back into the type of play style that makes us TWD. We have been real loose for the past few months with GTA and other games. At the end of the day we are a BF clan. I'm not going to rant about how we run teamwork and dominate our competitors with tactics and cohesion. Most of you know this, and most of you know what is about to go down.

We will be focusing on cohesion and squad movement in the coming weeks. I expect all member especially HC to be on top of their game and ready to roll into Hardline seamlessly. I have been logging some hours on BF and running team lead and squads. We have been performing well and dominating. With the release of Hardline, there are gonna be a lot of clans and players trying to prove their salt. We need to meet them head on with the type of teamwork that is synonymous with TWD.

So there are a few things you as a member can do to get ready for this.

Practice - Jump in with TWD and HC members and listen.

Teamspeak - Get your teamspeak downloaded and ready to roll.

Practice - When you jump in with TWD, you will be given a job, learn it, live it, love it.

Teammates - Get to know the soldier in front and behind you, they are more important than the enemy.

Practice - The HC members will explain the most effective way to work as a team and show you the ropes.

It's time..... there are more than enough members gearing up for this, we will be competing on Hardline. Don't be left on the sidelines because you were not ready.

See you on the battlefield!

7th Feb 2015 RT l DEADEYE l
1st Feb 2015 CH3DDARZ
I got GTA V!!!!
Like (1) · Comments (1)
31st Jan 2015 Blu3Gill
Who is ready to play that beta?
29th Jan 2015 TWDTactAssassin
Oh yeah!
28th Jan 2015 [TWDM] TDN Killjoy
Let's get to crackin' ribs and bustin' skulls!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
28th Jan 2015 [TWDL] FreeMasonKnight
27th Jan 2015 [TWDc] TWD Sn3ak
Lets do this! TWD style!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
27th Jan 2015 [TWDL] ACrazyNDN
27th Jan 2015 TWD Killahnator
i def made the right decision with team two, twenty had me at 5-13, Big jump from my 2-19 lol I'll def be ready!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
27th Jan 2015 [TWDW] TWD Commando
27th Jan 2015 Hardcore Ashy
im ready to rumble and counting the days son......
27th Jan 2015 The Flank King
See u in beta
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