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RT l DEADEYE l 12 Comments · Likes · Like · 25th May 2012
Excuse the editing on this video, I just slapped it together.

31st May 2012 RT sufaninde
27th May 2012 RT psynuma1
Guess ill have to get the cap card finally. lol I should have gotten it a long time ago but due to certain... circumstances i could not.
27th May 2012 RT psynuma1
We need more vids. lol i love watching our clan kick ass. Iv watched our vids over and over and over. I need new ones. lol
27th May 2012 [TWDL] TWD Waldo18B
sick vid
26th May 2012 RT psynuma1
Well... dead is far from less experienced but i get what you mean. lol
26th May 2012 RT psynuma1
It happens. iv had bad weeks before. Lately iv been doing a LOT better. I got on some meds for my thyroid and my k/d went up from .98 to 1.014 in 3 or for days. I feel like I'm getting better too. lol its awesome.
26th May 2012 RT l DEADEYE l
Yeah normally I'm solid with the pistol, just an off night I guess.
26th May 2012 RT psynuma1
Yea you where owning with that sniper rifle but what the hell... where you doing with the pistol? *bang* to the left. *bang* to the right. *bang* at his feet. lol besides... the ROF of the ump sucks! i loved it on BC2 but it sucks on BF3 to me.
26th May 2012 RT l DEADEYE l
Dude I know! I do the same shit, and what about the horrid pistol accuracy. Just goes to show, no aimbot, and the inevitable probability of suckyness on any given day lol. Killing with the sniper rifle... sucking with the pistol, can't have my cake and eat it too lol.
26th May 2012 RT psynuma1
I do the same thing when i watch them haha! I like the video. Good choice in music as well.
26th May 2012 RT Biscuit *Retired*
You are always on 6 bullets in that UMP
26th May 2012 RT Biscuit *Retired*
Sometimes I sit here, watching your vids, and I find myself saying (out loud) RELOAD DEADEYE!
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