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*High Command Promotion*
RT l DEADEYE l 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Jun 2012

sufaninde has been promoted to Major. This make him a member of High Command, he should be treated as such, and conduct himself as such.

sufaninde has earned his rank and is a valuable member of the clan, good job suf.

“Leadership in a democratic army means firmness, not harshness; understanding, not weakness; generosity, not
selfishness; pride, not egotism.”
––GEN Omar Bradley 1953

2nd Jun 2012 RT Biscuit *Retired*
Congrats Suf, good to see that all your effort paid off.
1st Jun 2012 RT psynuma1
Welcome to HC suf. A lot of responsibility is now on your shoulders but your brothers are here to share the load and we will all work together to keep this clan on top. Again, welcome to HC bro.
1st Jun 2012 RT sufaninde
thank you brotha and i will try my best to be the best high command officer i can brotha clan is now officially bigger then myself and i will try to conduct myself as such thanks alot to everybody in high command i hope i dont let any of you guys down
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