Clan Rules

Clan Rules

1. No Rage quitting. You start a match you finish it.

2. No unnecessary talk (in game). Including but not limited to, bitching, complaining. or arguing.

3. All members shall  adhere to the Chain of Command.

4. Members of TWD will not send derogatory messages to other players.

5. Members will not engage in arguments with other members in public party.

6. Any member that does not follow the rules are subject to suspension.

7. Members caught playing Battlefield with a suspended member is subject to suspension.

8. Members kicked from TWD or members that leave without honor, will not be considered for reinstatement.

9. If you are streaming on or we ask for you not to shit talk about other players in the clan even if they are new to leader we ask you to be respectful to all member that are part of TWD and this includes stuff like (bitching, bullying, talking about someone you don't like and bring other people into drama that's really not there concern)

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