Member Moderator


• Keeping track of member activity, post count, log on dates, etc.
• Sending messages to members with low activity.
• Assist members in profile related issues, adding pic, signature, etc.
• Assist members with any online activity, battlelog, gamebattles, etc.

Rank Required: Any

As a Member Moderator you will be responsible for reporting to the High Command once a week.
If you become a Member Moderator, you will be sent a message with a list of your duties and other important information.

Website Moderator


• Keeping track of broken links, missing links or text, etc.
• Correcting these issues.
• Posting medals, ribbons, and certificates in members profiles.
• Adding members to stats page when they reach rank.

Rank Required: High Command

As a Website Moderator, you will need a little experience with either BB code or HTML.
We will train you to do this if you are interested.
Prior experience preferred.
If you become a Website Moderator, you will be sent a message with a list of your duties and other important information.

Member Monitor

The Member Monitor will be responsible for checking the members stats on a weekly basis and reporting members that have earned stats-based medals and ribbons in the Staff Group.

Rank Required: Any

Website Monitor

As a Website Monitor you are required to go through the site once a week and report in the

Staff Group any issues.


• Check entire site for broken links, mispelled words, etc.
• Report issues in Staff Group once a week.
• Verify issues are fixed within 1 week of posting them in Staff Group.

TWD News Corespondent

The job of the TWD News Corespondent is to keep TWD members up to date on whats happening.

Post New Relating to xbox and Battlefield 3
Including but not limited too:

• Release dates
• Patches
• Double XP dates
• New stuff
• Gamebattles results
• Clan related news, (promotions, awards etc.)

TWD Facebook Staff

As a TWD facebook Staff member you will be required to handle things related to the TWD Facebook page.


• Reply to post
• Verify page is working properly and is correct, (broken links, miss spelled words, etc.)

TWD Twitter Staff

TWD Staff members will be responsible for keeping our Twitter account active.

All members that are required to do any editing or posting will receive a video for the position they are applying for. This video will explain what you are supposed to do.

If you become a member of the TWD staff, you will be rewarded for your work.
Unfortunately we can not pay our staff, due to lack of reoccurring revenue.
We will however compensate our staff in various other ways.

Just for becoming a member of the TWD staff, you will receive the TWD Support Ribbon, just or being on the staff.
If you do your duties well, you can earn the TWD Support Medal, and will receive a gift from TWD.

To apply for any of the above positions contact DEADEYE V0420.