TWD vs MLK rematch
6:00 PM Fri 6th May 2016 (GMT/UTC -6.0)
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6th May 2016
I wont be able to make it since i'm driving my brother up to an OYCP meeting.
6th May 2016
I can make it if yall need me. I can get on when I get off work to run through everything if need be
5th May 2016
Go go power rangers!
5th May 2016
If the match is still going at 8 I'll get on if there's room
5th May 2016
I would attend but I can't on Fridays
5th May 2016
I thought i'd be able to as well but thats my birthday and my family is doing a thing for me that night.
5th May 2016
Sorry man I thought I could make it but the other Su chef is sick so I have to work
4th May 2016
i dont get home until after 8 this Friday.